Sample User Index page

This is a sample page to show students how thier index and fodler should be set up.

Your Class Portfolio Requirements

Students! You should have an index.html page which links to at least three additional HTML pages. All HTML pages should be linked to the same CSS stylesheet to create a cohesive look and feel.

You are making a mini website here and your root folder will be FTP'd to the class server ( in your section's subdomain.

Thisproject required mastery of file management along with HTML and CSS skills. Once you submit FTP your project to the server, test your link. The URL will be your class subdomain with the addition of your folder name on the end. Look at the URL of this page for a reference.

Please note: When you FTP you will have the ability to access your classmates folder. DO not manipuate or move any files on the server that are not in YOUR personal folder. Once you create your folder, that is the only area on the server you should be manipulating.

The image to the right shows the map of the entire site.